Novelist, poet and playwright


Robert Nye was an award-winning novelist, poet and playwright. His novels included The Late Mr. Shakespeare, Mrs Shakespeare: The Complete Works, Falstaff (which won the 1976 Hawthorden Prize) and The Voyage of Destiny.

Born in London in 1939, Robert worked as a newspaper reporter, milkman and an orderly in a sanatorium. He left school at sixteen, at which time his first poems were published in The London Magazine. While living for six years in a remote cottage in Wales he worked on two collections of poems which won him a Gregory Award in 1963. An Arts Council bursary followed the publication of his third book of poems.

He wrote several books for children, plays for stage and radio and he edited selections from Raleigh and Swinburne. He was also a respected literary journalist and critic, and was for twenty years The Times' poetry critic. He also wrote for The Scotsman and for The Guardian.