Robin French

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Gilbert Is Dead

Director Robert Wolstenholme Starring
  • Kate Burdette
  • William Chubb
  • Susan Sylvester
  • Ronan Vibert
    Hoxton Hall

    Robin French's extraordinarily imaginative, sometimes surrealist trip into the Victorian era examined scientific and religious obsession and the pain of bereavement against the backdrop of the revolutionary theories of Darwin, premiering at the atmospheric Hoxton Musical Hall in Whitechapel.

    A Victorian scientific mystery play: a clever, funny and moving portrait of grief, faith and science. The plot follows Lucius Trickett, London’s most celebrated taxidermist, who finds himself in cahoots with Queen Victoria and our hero Gilbert Shirley, to disprove Darwin’s theory of evolution with a stuffed specimen of the mysterious ghost loris. But what happens when the missing link goes missing?

    Gilbert Is Dead
    Gilbert Is Dead

    'It's hard to resist a scene where Queen Victoria ends an interview at Osborne with Gilbert Shirley by crying, "Footman, my ukulele!" Michael Billington
    The Guardian

    Eccentric in the extreme, Gilbert is Dead is ambitious and holds the attention throughout
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