Rory J Saper

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Role Rufus
Producer Anand Ramayya Director David Schultz
Production Company Karma Film
Rufus doesn’t sleep, eat or drink. Except blood. He doesn’t age or feel the passage of time. He’s a boy and will always remain so. Hunted, poked and prodded for the last two hundred years, Rufus isn’t sure what he is. At least he can be sure there are no such things as vampires. Or are there? The town of Conrad is about to find out.

Rory J Saper stars as the eponymous teen hero of Dave Schultz’s drama Rufus, which premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival on the 21st September 2012.
Rory J Saper - Rufus 1
Behind The Scenes of Rufus
Olivia Woodward & Alex Sedgley
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