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A Daughter's Destiny

book | Feb 2022
World → Bonnier Publishing

Warwickshire, 1875

Emerald Pritchard has lived a privileged life with her parents and her younger sister Abigail in the stately Astley House on the outskirts of Nuneaton. But all that suddenly changes when her father disappears leaving the family in debt. They are forced to throw themselves on the mercy of Emerald's uncle who begrudgingly allows them to live in a small cottage within the grounds of his farm.

Desperate to find work, Emerald is forced to leave her family and travel to London to become the companion of a distant aunt she's never met.

Rebellious Abigail is unwilling to lower herself to doing the menial farm chores and instead runs away, finding work as a hostess in a club in Soho where she soon finds herself in desperate trouble.

Emerald is alone in the unfamiliar capital that brings its own dangers. Will she ever be able to find happiness and reunite her family again?

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