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Dilly's Lass

book | Fiction | Nov 2015

A daughter's shame, a mother's secret - a family united by love

A mother's secret

One thing unites the wealthy Farthing family and hardworking Dilly Carey - Olivia, the daughter Dilly gave to the Farthings years before. Olivia is now grown-up, beautiful and happy, but Dilly is still grieved by the choice she was forced to make to give her beloved child a future. 

A daughter's shame

When unmarried Olivia arrives on Dilly's doorstep, her own baby girl in her arms, begging for help, Dilly can only say yes. Olivia's secret will be safe with her. Dilly will find a way for Olivia to keep her daughter without revealing the true circumstances of her birth. 

A father's hope

Dilly can't tell Max Farthing, the man Olivia calls Father. For Max has problems of his own: he's married to Camilla, who has lost her senses. With so many lies between Dilly and Max, is there any chance that they could come together?

Dilly's hard work has lifted her family out of poverty and hardship. But now the Great War is over, her children have new challenges to face - and Dilly will protect them with everything she has. Even if it means sacrificing her own happiness. 


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