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The Ribbon Weaver

book | Fiction | 2010
World → Headline Publishing
One winter’s night, Molly Ernshaw rescues a baby from the snow and changes two families for ever.

The tiny girl grows into a gifted young woman. Although devoted to Molly, Amy has far-reaching ambitions – encouraged by her neighbour’s son, Toby, she longs to move beyond ribbon-weaving to designing the hats and clothes the ribbons adorn. Her talent is recognised by Samuel Forrester, the owner of famous hat factories and shops. But Samuel and his family are haunted by the past. His son’s wife, Eugenie, is deeply troubled, and when Amy’s flair leads her to London and then Paris, Eugenie is consumed with jealousy.

Amy’s dreams are coming true, but when secrets are revealed she is caught between two worlds, and must choose where her heart truly belongs.

Katie McGowan manages the translation rights for The Ribbon Weaver

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The Ribbon Weaver
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