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A Timeless Love

book | Fiction | Apr 2022
UK & Comm → Simon & Schuster (Ed. Suzanne Baboneau)

Northern Italy, 1930s. Villa L’Ambrosiana is a beautiful yet dilapidated old mansion tucked away in the land of rice fields and vineyards. Evelina Pierangelini, the youngest daughter, is coming of age. Her father is an intellectual anti-fascist, her mother bohemian and wilfully controversial. Evelina is in love with Ezra Zanotti, the son of a Jewish textile merchant and a seamstress in nearby Vercellino. The two of them embark on a secret romance, neither believing that the increasingly sinister racial laws being imposed on the Jews in Germany will ever come to Italy. Then in 1939 Mussolini forms an alliance with Hitler and their future is thrown into doubt.

Ezra’s father refuses to leave, after all, he’s a member of the Fascist Party, he fought for Italy in the first war and his sons in the Abyssinian war — they are Italian! When Hitler marches into northern Italy the Pierangelini family are captured and spirited away in the middle of the night. Ezra escapes through an attic window and joins the partisans, who, with Evelina’s help, take refuge in the Pierangelini’s private chapel on their estate. But Ezra is captured in the hills. Evelina waits for him. When the war ends, he does not come back. She waits, refusing to believe the worst until she hears from the rabbi, who was himself in Auschwitz, that Ezra and his entire family perished there. Evelina, in despair, leaves for America, vowing never to love again.

Evelina settles in Brooklyn, New York. It is the 1940s and America is dazzling with light and glamour and a freedom which Evelina, in her closed, sleepy world of Villa L’Ambrosiana, has never tasted. There she meets Franklin van de Velden, fifteen years her senior and a history teacher at Columbia. Little by little she grows to love him and although she never forgets Ezra, she realises that there are many different ways of loving. Over the following years, Evelina continues her journey of love and discovery as her past and present collide.

A Timeless Love is the spellbinding tale of passion, loss, family and the unbreakable bonds of love.


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