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Blue Hour

book | Fiction | Jul 2022
ANZ → Hachette Australia (Ed. Vanessa Radnidge)
UK → Tinder Press (Ed. Mary-Anne Harrington)

Eleanor stands over her husband, Leon, as he lays in their bed. They have had their final argument. It is the blue hour.

Petrified Leon will awaken and track her down, Eleanor sets off on a road trip with their young daughter, Amy, to Blue Mountain to get as far away from danger as possible. With her father, George, recently disappeared from her life and cut off from her friends, the only person Eleanor can turn to for support is her estranged mother, Kitty.
In an attempt to understand what it takes to move on from the past, Eleanor reveals to Amy her complicated and unsettling family history, the fractured and strained relationship with Kitty, and her cataclysmic marriage to Leon.

But as Eleanor and her daughter get closer to the summit of the mountain, closer to safety, it becomes clear the moment Eleanor stood over Leon in bed is not at all what it seems.

Has the relationship between Eleanor and Kitty had devastating consequences for everyone in their lives?


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