Sophia Pettit

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Role Annie
Director Nikolai Foster

The absolute star of the show was Annie herself, Sophia Pettit, who showed she is insanely talented. Her voice was pitch-perfect, powerful and punchy and she performed some difficult ballads with an effortless grace that belied her tender years; she made acting and dancing look easy. One minute she would be collapsed in a crumpled heap of emotion, the next belting out a refrain from Maybe or Tomorrow.

Every little girl in the auditorium (and there were many of them!) would have left dreaming of being Sophia on that stage.

Paul Larkin
Northumberland Gazette

On the night we were there, Sophia Pettit played the role of Annie like it had been her birthright. Her performances of Tomorrow and Maybe both brought a tear, while her dancing more than lived up to her grown up counterparts.

Sam Wonfor
Chronicle Live

Sophia Pettit shares the title role, but at this performance she completely blew the adult performances off the stage

Alison Norton
Native Monster
Full Review

The programme states that 2,000 girls were auditioned for the role of Annie, and when you see Sophia Pettit’s depiction of her, it is clear to see why she was chosen to be one of them, as she is talented on a multifaceted level and, at twelve years old, is brimming full of potential

Nisha Vaidya

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