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book | Fiction | May 2022
UK & Comm → HarperCollins (Ed. Julia Wisdom)

A weekend at a chateau…

Jo Lawless is still grieving the death of her husband when his friends invite her for a weekend at a French chateau. Jo has always felt like an outsider in the close-knit group, but agrees to go because they are her last link to Oliver.

A gathering full of secrets…

However, the weekend quickly takes a sinister turn when Storm, a new girlfriend to one of the guests, arrives. Beautiful, wild and irreverent, she seems to know everyone’s secrets…

A murderer biding their time…

Then one night, a member of the party is found dead. Jo wakes in hospital the next day, with cuts on her arms and no memory of what happened. Who can she trust? Was her husband’s death truly an accident? Or is there a killer lurking among them?


Kate Cooper manages the translation rights for Storm

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The audio rights are handled by Vivienne Wordley.

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