Steve Evets

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5 Days-Series II

Role Pat Chowdrey
Director Toby Haynes/Peter Hoar
Production Company BBC TVC

A tiny newborn baby is abandoned in the toilets of a Yorkshire hospital. At the same time, the Trans-Pennine commuter train is halted by a suicidal jumper – are they connected?

From this moment on, the lives of those on board the train and in the hospital will be changed irrevocably.

Steve plays train driver, Pat, who  is devastated when a body falls from a bridge, hitting his train. He's sure he knew the victim, and though this seems incredible at first, as events unfold, we begin to question whether Pat might indeed know more than he first let on.

Five Days 2 is an atmospheric ensemble drama – a mystery which unfolds over the five most significant days of the police investigation into these two mysteries. It is set in the heart of urban Yorkshire – a melting pot of tensions and relationships within a multicultural landscape.

5 Days-Series II
Olivia Woodward & Alex Sedgley
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