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Death Under a Little Sky

book | Fiction | Apr 2023
UK & Comm → HarperCollins (Ed. Julia Wisdom and Kathryn Cheshire)

When Jake inherits a huge house in the middle of nowhere from his eccentric uncle, it provides the perfect escape from a marriage break up and retirement from the police. The conditions of the will mean that Jake must cut himself off from the world completely, or lose his inheritance and the new home that comes with it. But in the 21st century, total isolation is a hard thing to come by and Jake soon finds himself the focus of a small close-knit village community who hide many secrets, including the tragic suicide of a young fruit picker that has affected every person who knew her.

Death Under A Little Sky is the first in a crime series, The Writer's Room, so called because each case that presents itself will be reminiscent of cases from the many detective novels Jake reads in his isolation — he finds himself turning to Christie, Child, Rankin, Conan Doyle and many others to help him solve each crime.


Katie McGowan manages the translation rights for Death Under a Little Sky

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