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Space Case

book | Fiction | Sep 2014
US & Canada → Simon & Schuster (Ed. Kristin Otsby)

Winner of the Young Jury Award in Belgium

Nominated for the Edgar Award

Nominated for the Sakura Medal in Japan​

Nominated for the 2020 Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award in Illinois

Twelve year old Dash Gibson is one of the first humans to live on the moon - and he’s famous because of it, as are all his fellow lunarnauts (otherwise known as ‘Moonies’). But no one back on earth knows the truth: life on the moon isn’t nearly as exciting as it sounds. Kids aren’t allowed out on the lunar surface, meaning they’re practically imprisoned at the moon base - and to make things worse, the food is disgusting, the toilets are frightening, and the only other Moonie Dash’s age is addicted to virtual reality games.

Then, Dr. Ronald Holtz, a highly-respected scientist, dies after walking out the airlock without putting his space suit on properly. The base commander quickly deems it an accident, but Dash suspects it might really be murder and decides to investigate. He soon learns that Dr. Holtz was on the verge of a huge discovery, and that the moon base is full of potential killers who might have wanted to keep that discovery a secret. Now, Dash must sort through the deepening mystery and find the culprit fast - before he, too, ends up dead on the moon.


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Space Case
Space Case

A delightful and brilliantly constructed middle-grade thriller.

Eliot Schrefer
New York Times

This zany sci-fi/adventure/murder mystery won't sit around gathering moondust, especially with such an eye-catching cover!; highly recommended for your middle-grade mystery collection. Youth Librarian
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Gibbs creates the best kind of “murder on a train” mystery. The genius, however, is putting the train in space... The whodunit is smartly paced and intricately plotted. Best of all, the reveal is actually worth all the buildup. Thrillers too often fly off the rails in their final moments, but the author’s steady hand keeps everything here on track.

Kirkus, starred review
Full Review

The lunar setting puts a fresh spin on the locked-door mystery genre, and Gibbs plants plenty of credible suspects among the eccentric cast. The climactic chase scene, which plays out in one-sixth gravity with a gigantic robotic arm for a nemesis, is prepackaged for the big screen. Fans of the Spy School series will welcome this debut entry in Gibbs’s latest run. The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
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This is notable for its unusual setting and features a narrator who displays a realistic mix of wonder at his location and annoyance at having to deal with the Spartan life on another planet. The exposed killer's rationale actually has merit, too.

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Recommended as a breezy read, especially for the budding space scientist. Bob Hassett
School Library Journal
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