Producer and director for television

Sylvie is a producer and director working in television. 

Sylvie directs both single and multi camera comedy and directed both Live episodes of The Bill. Following the success of the second live episode of The Bill in 2005 she moved into producing. Sylvie's collected a BAFTA for The Bill episodes about Child Exploitation and Online Protection Service.

Sylvie has directed a number of popular comedy series, including Keeping Mum, Paul Merton's Life of Comedy and Faith in the Future, for which she won a British Comedy Award.



Director & Producer 

Writer Geoff McQueen
  • Bruce Byron
  • Todd Carty
  • Lisa Maxwell
  • Cyril Nri
  • Live episode of The Bill, winner of RTS Award
    Talkback Thames for ITV1


    Creator Darren Fairhurst, Steve Hughes and Paul Marquess
    Producer Mary Hare, Kara Manley and Paul Marquess
  • Fay Ripley
  • Clare-Hope Ashitey
  • Damien Molony
  • Joe Absolom
  • Edyta Budnik
  • Crime drama

    Newman Street for Channel 5
    Writer Geoff McQueen
  • Rae Baker
  • Trudie Goodwin
  • Ciaran Griffiths
  • Connie Hyde
  • First live episode of The Bill to celebrate its 20th Anniversary
    Talkback Thames for ITV1
    Producer Diane Whitley
    Writer Peter Kerry
  • Matthew Beard
  • Sara Crowe
  • Carolyn Pickles
  • Paul Trussell
  • Children's drama about a magical mum and daughter who swap bodies
    Producer Jamie Rix
    Writer Jan Etherington & Gavin Petrie
  • Samantha Beckinsale
  • Trevor Cooper
  • Sue Johnson
  • David Tennant
  • Comedy series about the river police set on the Thames
    LWT for ITV1
    Keeping Mum
    13 x 30'
    Producer Steven McCrumb
    Writer Geoffrey Atherden
  • Martin Ball
  • Stephanie Cole
  • David Haig
  • Meera Syal
  • Comedy about a demanding mother and her dutiful son - 9 episodes shot multi-camera in the round
    BBC Productions for BBC1
    Producer Jamie Rix
    Writer Jenny Lecoat
  • Ann Bryson
  • Harry Burton
  • Sean Carnegie
  • Sara Crowe
  • Multi-camera comedy about a pair of female friends
  • Timothy Bateson
  • Tom Brodie
  • Paul Merton
  • Tilly Vosburgh
  • Comedy set within the imaginary family of Paul Merton's past
    Tiger Aspect for BBC1
  • Sean Hughes
  • Multi camera recording of Sean Hughes' comedy set
    My World Productions for Channel 4
    Producer Stephen Garrett
    Writer Mark Burton
  • Rory Bremner
  • Julian Clary
  • Maria Friedman
  • Sean Hughes
  • Multi camera spoof awards ceremony held at County Hall
    Kudos Film and Television for Channel 4
    Writer Sean Hughes & Nick Whitby
  • Sean Hughes
  • Victor McGuire
  • Jeff Shankely
  • Michael Troughton
  • Multi camera comedy starring Sean Hughes as a fictionalised version of himself living in a sitcom world
    Channel 4
    Producer Jamie Rix
    Writer Jan Etherington & Gavin Petrie
  • Linda Bellingham
  • Charlie Creed-Miles
  • Simon Pegg
  • Jeff Rawle
  • Multi-camera comedy about a newly single mother who's plans for the future are scuppered when her adult daughter moves back home
    LWT for ITV1
    Producer Paul Marquess
  • Kris Mocherri
  • Steven Fletcher
  • Jessica Noon
  • Glyn Pritchard
  • Soap set in Liverpool
    Mersey Television for Channel 4
    Writer Caleb Ranson
  • Sally Dexter
  • Stephanie Leonidas
  • Nick Schofield
  • Tim Wallers
  • Soap about a missing teenage girl
    Granada for ITV1
    Writer Geoff McQueen

    Long running ITV police drama

    Talkback Thames for ITV1


    Producer on the BAFTA winning police show for ITV
    Talkback Thames for ITV1