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Days of the Dead

book | Fiction | 2017
UK & Comm → John Murray (Ed. Mark Richards)

William Hoffer - handsome, refined, a little cold perhaps - is an established figure in London society.

But Hoffer has secrets. He is vague about his Midwestern origins. The counsel he offers a Russian billionaire may extend to murkier topics than art investments. Then there is his Kensington flat, which is only rented, and the broader question of his money, which is running out.

When a ghost from his past in Mexico surfaces, Hoffer is forced to revive brutal instincts for self-preservation...


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Hoffer...is a genuine oddity. Unfolding in a delirious Ferrero Rocher London of ambassadors' receptions, private views, and an after-opera "Noma-at-Claridge's thing", and replete with imperious Antonia and Camillas, the story centres around the mysterious William Hoffer's attempts to extricate himself from unwise former alliances with Mexican criminals and Russian oligarchs...the novel packs a considerable punch

Declan Hughes
Irish Times

An American in London, Hoffer has remade himself as the most fastidious of English gents, a fixture at society events. And when a Mexican gangster comes out of his long-buried past, Hoffer realises there is nothing he won't do to keep hold of his gilded life. Wonderfully entertaining. 

Mail on Sunday

Timothy Glencross has written an intricately plotted novel of international intrigue that reads like a wickedly inspired collaboration by the young Evelyn Waugh, Patricia Highsmith, and Martin Amis. His prose glitters like a dagger, propelling us through a maze of deceptions and unexpected revelations.

Joyce Carol Oates

Hoffer is both excellent and original, and captures the morally dubious world of the international rich with panache, humour and some beautiful prose.

Oliver Harris

Cynical, dry, and sharp as a skewer. A wicked, twisty read.

Mick Herron

Glencross is blisteringly gifted - funny and brilliant - and tells a great, gripping story about the beautiful monsters of the London super-elite.

David Lipsky

Impeccably plotted.

Daily Telegraph

A likeable capriccio, stuffed with epigrams, the plot Wodehousian.

Sunday Telegraph

Detailed insights into the lifestyles of London's excessively rich . . . meticulous portrayal of Hoffer's circle, its convoluted codes and catty manners.

Times Literary Supplement

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