Tommy Edwards is a London based writer/director, whose vision centers around characters from marginalized groups, looking at the smaller stories that reveal big ideas. Tommy's style puts a stark emphasis on the facilitation of true and natural performances, creating a dynamic relationship between the camera and the actors, immersing the audience into the characters' world. Tommy’s most recent short, All the Trimmings, has just completed its festival run, selected for 15 different events, 3 of which were BAFTA qualifiers. The success of this film helped lead to Tommy being selected to be part of the BFI Weekender Cohort for New Filmmakers from a working class background.

On top Tommy’s narrative work, he continues to work as a film facilitator and content creator with young people, creating interesting and challenging content as a form of holistic development and skill training, helping young people from under-represented groups build on their experience and skills, supporting them towards a potential career in the arts. In the past 10 years, he has worked with well over 1000 young people supporting the production of hundreds of films, funded by an array of charities and grant givers, with several of those films being screened at festivals around the world.



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