Writer, head writer, and series creator for television

Tony Cooke is an award-winning (and yes, sometimes award-losing) writer, head writer, and series creator. Experienced scripting kids and family shows for all ages, as well as primetime TV comedies, his credits include hit global series PJ Masks (Disney+), Danger Mouse (Netflix), and Tracey Ullman’s Show (HBO). Tony received his first Exec Producer/Head Writer credit on upcoming live action family series Lovely Little Farm, launching globally on Apple TV+.

For international comedy-thriller Hunter Street (Nickelodeon), he joined story conferences in London and Amsterdam to break the latest two series, writing seven episodes. For older kids, he also co-created and wrote CBBC’s fairy-tale courtroom mini-series A Long Long Crime Ago, and he was lead writer on Diddy Movies (BBC2), including the BAFTA-winning episode for Best Comedy. 

His younger kids’ credits include the hugely popular Floogals (NBC Universal/Channel 5), Bob the Builder (PBS Kids), Waffle the Wonder Dog, and Sarah & Duck (both CBeebies). As a returning writer on Disney’s PJ Masks, he has worked across four seasons of the show, recently writing the Season 6 double-episode finale. 

His further primetime comedy credits include: BAFTA-winning The Armstrong and Miller Show (BBC1), Newzoids (ITV1), Dead Ringers (BBC2), The BAFTA Television Awards (BBC1), and he wrote in both London and Mumbai on the ITV1 sitcom Mumbai Calling. Tony was a BAFTA Rocliffe Comedy Winner for sitcom Nannies, presented at the New York TV Festival. 

Tony is often commissioned to develop and write pilot scripts for new kids’ and family shows – his latest pilot scripts ordered to full series include Biff and Chip (Cbeebies), and Andy and the Band (CBBC). He is currently writing on a new animated superhero comedy for Banijay Kids, and developing projects with London-based Darrall Macqueen. 

Originally trained at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Tony started out writing for entertainment publications such as Radio Times and The Stage. Since becoming a finalist in BBC3’s The Last Laugh sitcom-writing series, judged by a panel including Adam Chase and Ash Atalla, Tony has worked full-time as a screenwriter. 

Tony is a regular collaborator with writer/actor Brona C Titley, and writer/creator Tim Bain.



Writer & Executive Producer 

New live action family series, launching globally in June 2022.

Darrall Macqueen for Apple TV+


Seven episodes and writing team story conferences for the BAFTA-nominated live action mystery comedy broadcast globally.

Blooming Media for Nickelodeon

Head writer on a new live action family series for a major
global streaming platform.

Darrall Macqueen

Returning writer on the global Disney hit show - also scripted all 20 shorts for Series 3 for the Disney Channel and web (more than 40 million YouTube views to date).

eOne for Disney Channel

Pilot script and five further episodes to date for the musical comedy starring Andy Day and his band the Odd Socks.

Three Arrows for CBBC

Sketches for a new comedy spoofing the internet, from Joseph Elliott and Richard David-Caine.

BBC Studios for CBBC

Sketches for pilot and upcoming BBC Two/iPlayer series for the breakout YouTube comedy star.

BBC Studios for BBC Two, iPlayer

Pilot script and two episodes for new BBC adaptation of the classic book series.

BBC Studios for Cbeebies
10 x 45'

Sketches for the reboot of the iconic entertainment show, starring Sam and Mark.

BBC Studios for CBBC
Creator Tracey Ullman
Producer Caroline Norris
Writer Brona C Titley

Sketches for the topical comedy.

BBC Studios for BBC1, HBO

Zoe Ball’s host script for the concert at the Royal Albert Hall celebrating the Queen’s 92nd birthday, co-writing with Brona C Titley.

BBC Studios for BBC1

Five episodes of the new comedy-drama about an adventurous girl and her more cautious older brother.

BBC Studios for Cbeebies
Team Kenny
12 x 30'

Optioned original family sitcom with a meta narrative twist.

Lime Pictures
The Chart
Pilot for 10 x 80'

Script for new Saturday night entertainment show from the makers of The X Factor, co-writing with Brona C. Titley

Thames for BBC

Original script commission for a new family sitcom co-written with Tim Bain.

The Comedy Unit for CBBC

Seven episodes of a new family sitcom with a doggy twist from the makers of multi-award winning Topsy and Tim.

BBC iReporter Game
Interactive Game

Full script for interactive game set in the BBC Newsroom, produced by the studio behind Wallace and Gromit.

Aardman Animations for BBC
Born Silly
Pilot for 6x30'

TV Pilot of a new hidden camera show playing pranks on kids. 

CPL Productions for Channel 4
Producer Steve Ryde
  • Dick & Dom
  • A lead writer on the Bafta-nominated sequel to Diddy Movies, spoofing the TV schedules.

    BBC for CBBC
    Pilot for 6x30'

    TV Pilot of a new family comedy about two siblings finding their birth mother later in life. Co-writing with Brona C. Titley.

    Citrus Television
    In development
    Producer Giles Pilbrow, Beth Gorman

    Sketch writer for the puppet impressions show on ITV1, co-writing with Brona C Titley.

    Citrus Television for ITV1
    Producer Cassandra Hybel
    Director Cassandra Hybel

    BAFTA for BBC iPlayer.

    BAFTA for BBC iPlayer
    Throwback Becketts
    Pilot for 13x30'

    TV Pilot, leading to a script commission. Original family comedy celebrating the 1990s. Co-written with Tim Bain.

    The Comedy Unit for CBBC
    Creator Dan Good

    Multiple episodes of the new comedy for US network, Sprout about aliens in suburbia. 

    Foundation for NBC Universal
    Class Dismissed (Series 1-3 & 5)
    Best Comedy- Children's BAFTAs 2017
    11 x 15'
    Producer Claire McCarthy

    Sketches for the school-based comedy inspired by Educating Essex.

    BBC for CBBC

    Pilot and four episodes of the new comedy series about how hard it is to be human 

    Three Arrows for Cbeebies

    Series 3

    DHX Media/ Mattel for Channel 5

    TV Series

    Dreamworks Animation for Channel 5
    Producer Jamie Badminton

    Writing on an episode of the BAFTA-winning animated series.

    Karrot Animation for Cbeebies

    On the writing team for the brand new CGI comedy about the iconic comic book duo.

    Beano Studios
    Producer Richelle Wilder

    Seven episodes of a new animated physical comedy for the Boomerang channel. 

    Spider Eye for Turner Broadcasting
    Producer Katherine Allen
    Director Nikki Parsons

    Additional material for Graham Norton's host script and award presenters' citations.

    Whizz Kid Entertainment for BBC
    Director Robert Cullen

    Episode of the rebooted series featuring a suave secret agent mouse and his sidekick hamster Penfold

    Boulder Media for FreemantleMedia Kids for CBBC
    Cooking It
    Pilot for 26x30’

    Show bible, storylines and scene by scenes for new teen ‘dramedy’ with a culinary twist

    Walt Disney Company for The Disney Channel
    In development
    Creator Tommy Donbavand

    Three episodes of the stop-frame comedy horror series based on the books of Tommy Donbavand

    Coolabi / Factory for CBBC for CBBC
    Producer Annika Bluhm

    Two episodes of the iconic TV series.

    Dreamworks TV for Cbeebies
    Killer in Kristina
    Pilot for 6 x 30’
    Producer Arnab Chanda

    Original sitcom co-created and written with Brona C Titley, about a loving wife and mother who’s also a serial killer.

    BBC Comedy for BBC Radio
    In development
    Pilot for 6 x 30’

    Original sitcom co-created and written with Brona C Titley. Presented at the New York Television Festival as a BAFTA Rocliffe Comedy Winner 2013

    CPL Productions
    In development
    Diddy Movies: Series 2
    Best Comedy - Children's BAFTAs 2014
    4 x 15'
    Producer Steve Ryde
    Director Julian Kemp
  • Dick & Dom
  • BAFTA-winning film parody show, co-written with Carl Carter

    BBC for CBBC
    Producer Richard Grocock

    Regular sketch writer for the BAFTA-nominated spoof news comedy.

    BBC for CBBC
    Winner of the VH-1 development deal at the New York TV Festival; an original nostalgia reality format co-created with Brona C Titley
    VH-1 New York
    In development
    Producer Steve Ryde

    Four episodes of the relaunched BAFTA-winning comedy set in a prison, including the celebrity Christmas special

    BBC for CBBC
    Producer Steve Ryde
  • Dick & Dom
  • Lead writer with Carl Carter on BAFTA-nominated comedy set in the world of cinema
    BBC for CBBC

    Contributing to an episode of the multi-award winning show

    Cartoon Network
    The Inspectres
    Pilot for 13 x 30’
    Original children's sitcom about a secret government department of ghost hunters, co-writing with Carl Carter
    BBC for CBBC
    In development
    Producer Jon Pocock
    Director David Sant
  • Rhyanna Alexander-Davis
  • Dean-Charles Chapman
  • Louis Demosthenous
  • Nicola Duffell
  • Nell Williams
  • CBBC sitcom about the adventures of a science-obsessed ten year-old
    Retort for CBBC
    Pilot script for a animated family comedy about rhinos in suburbia
    Karrot Entertainment
    In development
    Pilot for 6 x 30'
    Producer Jack Cheshire
    Original sitcom script set in a primary school, co-written with Carl Carter
    In development
    Producer Steve Ryde
  • Chloë Bale
  • Steve Furst
  • Richard McCourt
  • Dominic Wood
  • Lead writer with Carl Carter on all three series of the triple BAFTA-nominated children's sitcom, scripting 17 episodes

    BBC for BBC1
    Out There
    Pilot for 6 x 30'
    Producer Jack Cheshire
    Commission for an original comedy pilot set in a student academy in space, co-written with Carl Carter
    BBC for BBC
    In development
    Producer Caroline Norris
  • Alexander Armstrong
  • Ben Miller
  • Sketch writer on the BAFTA-winning series, co-written with Carl Carter
    Hat Trick Productions for BBC1
    2 x 30'
    Director Sydney Macartney
  • Rufus Hound
  • Colin McFarlane
  • Colin Ryan
  • Steven Wickham
  • Two episodes of the sci-fi children's sitcom starring Rufus Hound, co-writing with Carl Carter co-written with Carl Carter
    BBC for BBC1
    It's Paul Burling
    Pilot for 6 x 30'
    Producer Charlie Hanson
    Director Angie De Chastelai Smith
  • Paul Burling
  • Paul Butler
  • Jess Robinson
  • Anthony Spargo
  • Sketch writer
    ITV Studios for ITV1
    Pilot for 6 x 30'
    Original sitcom set in a high street fashion store, co-written with Carl Carter

    BBC Scotland for BBC
    In development
    Producer Ned Parker
    Director Kabir Akhtar, Allan McKeown & Stojan Petrov
  • Daisy Beaumont
  • Ratnabali Bhattacharjee
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar
  • Namit Das
  • Nitin Ganatra
  •  Narrative writing, table writing, and sketch writing in UK and India on the call centre comedy Carl Carter
    Allan McKeown Presents for ITV1
    Producer Lisa Clark
    Director John F D Northover
  • Peter Dickson
  • Stephen Mulhern
  • Co-written with Carl Carter
    Baby Cow Productions for ITV1
  • Lee Barnett
  • Dave Chapman
  • Ian Kirkby
  • Melvin O'Doom
  • Tedd Robbins
  • BAFTA-winning comedy series set in a prison, co-written with Carl Carter
    8 x 30'
    Producer Rob Doherty
    Director Henry Naylor
    Sketch writer on the topical CGI comedy, co-written with Carl Carter
    ITV Productions for ITV1
    Dead Ringers: Series 6 & 7
    Multiple series of 8 x 30'
    Writer Tony Cooke
  • Kevin Connelly
  • Phil Cornwell
  • Jon Culshaw
  • Mark Perry
  • Jan Ravens
  • Regular topical and non-topical sketch writer for the impressions series, co-written with Carl Carter
    BBC for BBC2

    Writer & Creator 

    Director Dez McCarthy
    Hybrid show mixing CSI reconstructions, courtroom drama and fairy tale comedy
    BBC Scotland for CBBC

    Script Editor 

    Producer Rob Hyde
  • Simon Greenall
  • Writer and script editor on three series of the hit game-show for BBC1

    BBC for BBC1
    20 x 30'
    Producer Rob Hyde

    Script editing 20 episodes of the new sci-fi game-show featuring a super-villain in space. 

    Boom Kids for CBBC



    Producer Will Saunders
  • Andrew Collins
  • Jon Holmes
  • Robin Ince
  • Co-written with Carl Carter

    Production Company BBC Radio 2
    Producer Mario Stylianides
  • Kevin Connelly
  • Phil Cornwell
  • Jon Culshaw
  • Mark Perry
  • Jan Ravens
  • Co-written with Carl Carter

    Broadcaster BBC Radio 4
  • Des Clarke
  • Toni Frutin
  • David Kay
  • Lewis Macleod
  • Debbie Welsh
  • Sketch writer on the Sony Award nominated show, co-written with Carl Carter

    Broadcaster BBC Radio Scotland
    Creator Jon Holmes
    Producer Jon Holmes & Bill Dare
  • Alice Arnold
  • Jon Holmes
  • Co-written with Carl Carter

    Broadcaster BBC Radio 4



    Book development project 2016. Developing a new title for the No. 1 global personalised children's book publisher.

    Two promotional films starring Dick and Dom for the London 2012 Olympic Games