Tony Parsons

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Big Mouth

Producer Mike Lerner Director Mike Lerner Starring
  • Bryan Appleyard
  • Miranda Sawyer
  • Toby Young
    Production Company Rapido Television
    Broadcaster Channel 4

    Tony Parsons hosted the studio-based cultural discussion show that reported on the latest trends, releases and events. The show favoured the sexy and controversial and encouraged guests to say exactly what they thought, no matter how risqué or rude.

    Reporters Bryan Appleyard, Miranda Sawyer and Toby Young investigated topics that would become catalysts for discussion, reviewed the week's most exciting book, film and theatre releases and interviewed studio guests from the art world.

    The show’s premise was ‘why be polite when you can get to the point?’ The result was a stimulating hour of contentious and entertaining debate.

    Big Mouth

    Who could fail to be beguiled by the trailer for his shiny new Channel 4 vehicle Big Mouth? Ben Thompson
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