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Under The Henfluence

book | Non-Fiction | 2022
World English → Agate Publishing (Ed. Doug Seibold)

Inside the Fowl World of Chickens and the People Who Love Them

Tove's reporting has often focused on food and science, but she began writing more about human-animal relationships since starting her own flock of backyard chickens in 2017. Under The Henfluence is a natural outgrowth of the types of subjects that have always interested Tove: what do we owe to the animals we raise for food, how do people interact with domesticated animals, and forgotten history. 

Unlike the how-to guides about raising chickens already out there,
Under The Henfluence is a blend of memoir and reporting in the style of Lyanda Lynn Haupt’s Mozart's Starling or Sy Montgomery’s Soul Of An Octopus. Brimming with curiosity and quirky humor, the book's voice resembles that of Grunt by Mary Roach or Bill Bryson’s The Body.

Under The Henfluence will combine anecdotes about chicken ownership and the surprising things chickens do with stories from the greater world of chickens and the people who love them. Between her personal experience growing a flock of backyard chickens and her masterful reporting skills that grant her access to the world of chickens beyond her own backyard - not to mention her rapidly growing Instagram account @BestLittleHenhouse! - Tove is the perfect person to bring this subject to life for readers. And with the interest in backyard chickens experiencing a newfound explosion thanks to our homebound existence (which Tove wrote about for the NYT), this book will be more relevant than ever.


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