Burch and

Curtis Brown

Vidyamala Burch is founder and co-Director of Breathworks, an organisation offering mindfulness-based and compassion-based approaches to living well with chronic pain, illness and stress. This is based on her own experience of living with severe chronic back pain for most of her adult life following a spinal injury in her teens that resulted in partial paraplegia. In 1985 she started to meditate and is now an experienced meditation teacher who works internationally. She offers wise and practical guidance in how to bring mindfulness and kindness to experience - including difficulties such as pain and illness - so one can 'live well' with a free and relaxed mind, whatever the circumstances. She is the co-Author of Mindfulness for Health with Dr Danny Penman (Piatkus and Flatiron Books in the US).

Claire Irvin is one of the UK’s most exciting and dynamic magazine editors, with experience across a rich breadth of magazine readers. Latterly, Irvin was Editor of SHE magazine, where she was responsible for a critically acclaimed relaunch, a string of high profile celebrity cover exclusives and channelling the zeitgeist for the magazine’s 600,000 high-achieving 35-45 year old readers. Prior to SHE, Irvin was Editor at Large of

Grazia, the UK’s most glamorous, dynamic weekly glossy. One week she could be organizing an intimate dinner for the fashion world’s elite, another co-ordinating an all-star cover shoot, still yet another interviewing pre-election party leaders.