Wendy Nottingham

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In Basildon

Role Pam
Director Dominic Cooke
Royal Court Theatre
Len’s on his death bed and the family gather to say their final farewells. His sisters still aren’t speaking after nearly 20 years, his nephew’s trying for a baby – and a bigger house – while his best mate Ken remembers ‘Bas-vegas’ when it was a village. As the spread is laid out and the ham sandwiches sit next to the wreaths, it’s hard to see who’s hungry and who’s just greedy.

Wendy plays Pam, the over helpful next door neighbour that despite her efforts manages to grate the family up the wrong way.

'There are also funny, touching turns from Wendy Nottingham.'

Charles Spencer
The Telegraph

'Wendy Nottingham as a loving neighbour.'

Michael Billington
The Guardian

'really delicious performance by Wendy Nottingham'


Michael Coveney

'the acting is first-rate.'

Henry Hitchings
Evening Standard

'lovely Wendy Nottingham'


Paul Taylor
The Independent

'Wendy Nottingham's Pam is a delight.'


Aleks Sierz
The Arts Desk

'superb ensemble cast deliver detailed and thoughtful performances.'

Aleks Sierz
The Stage

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