Heritage  |  Jul 16, 2020

Booker-shortlisted FIGURES IN A LANDSCAPE is reissued by Vintage Classics

Barry England's masterful thriller, FIGURES IN A LANDSCAPE, which was nominated for the inaugural Booker Prize in 1969, has been reissued by Vintage Classics.

Two men are on the run. They have four hundred miles to go across hostile territory. Soldiers on the ground track them day and night, a helicopter circles above, life becomes a second-by-second fight for survival. Each muscle movement, drop of sweat, glance and instinct matters. Every second counts.

Through long slogs across country, risky raids for supplies, moments of sheer panic, and under the intense pressure to survive, an unbreakable bond between two men is forged. This stunningly written, adrenaline-pumping novel is a little-known classic of its genre.

"England's prose has the tough, spare elegance of steel scaffolding. His vocabulary is wide, and used with arresting precision. The speed of the narrative is impeccably controlled – long slogs over country, moments of blind panic, passages of demoralizing inactivity, hair-raising evasions, all building up to a central set-piece in a burning field... A brilliant achievement" ― The Times

"Shocked through with dramatic tension" ― Irish Times

"Outstanding … I doubt if there has been a more impressive debut since William Golding’s" ― Daily Telegraph

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