Theatre, Film and TV  |  Aug 31, 2020

Chino Moya's feature Undergods premieres at Fantasia 2020

Undergods, new sci-fi feature written and directed by Chino Moya, has its premiere at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal where it received excellent reviews.

The film is a modern anthology; a collection of stories each subtly linked to one another, either via a person or a place, all set in an apocalyptic dystopia. It stars Michael Gould as Ron and Ned Dennehy as Harry.

Praise for Undergods:

'This arresting first feature blends sci-fi and fantasy to create a worldview which is at once savagely grotesque and alarmingly familiar. The film looks a treat. ... there’s barely a frame of the film which wouldn’t stand on its own.' - Screen International

'Moya… undoubtedly brings something new and exciting to the table. All in all, Undergods is a thoroughly entertaining, thought-provoking watch with striking visuals, a killer soundtrack and a harrowingly human message.' - ★★★★ The Upcoming

'The atmosphere generated through the visuals alone is palpable...Undergods is a blindingly beautiful movie.' - The Hollywood News