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Curtis Brown at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Curtis Brown at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018

The 71st annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival returns on 1st August 2018. Again, an array of Curtis Brown writers, directors, and performers, will be showcasing new and returning works in Edinburgh:

Alternative Comedy Memorial Society (ACMS) (John-Luke

Time: 23.55 Shows: 3-26th (not 8th, 15th or 22nd) Venue 396: Monkey Barrel Comedy Club – Monkey Barrel 1

Arnab Chanda: Stories from Arnab

Time 17.00 Shows: 4th-11th, 13-18th, 20-26th (incl) (no shows on 1st-3rd, 12th, 19th, 27th or 28th) Venue 156: Banshee Labyrinth – Cinema Room

Big Aftermath of a Small Disclosure (Mark Weinman).

Time 14.50 Shows: 1-12th, 14-19th, 21-26th Venue 26: Summerhall – Old Lab

Birthday Girls: Late Night Comedy

Time 23.00 Shows: 16th-19th August  (1 hour 30 mins) Venue 33: Pleasance Courtyard-Cabaret Bar

Charlie Baker Presents: The Greatest Goat Of All Time
(Sam Battersea)

Time 15.00 Shows: 2-26th (not 21st) Venue 3: Assembly George Square Gardens- Piccolo

Elsie Thatchwick (Skye Lourie) 

Time 18.30 Shows 3rd-14th & 16th-27th Venue 82: Zoo Southside

Emma Sidi: Faces of Grace

Time 20.30 Shows: 4 –24 August (incl) + 26th August (no shows on 25th, 27th
or 28th) Venue 33: Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance Below

Flesh and Bone (Michael Jinks)

Time 22.00 Shows: 1-11th Venue 23: Pleasance Dome – King Dome

Flies (Les Enfants Terribles– Oliver Lansley)

Time 17.00 Shows: 1-27th (not 20th) Venue 33: Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance Two

Hunch (Kate Kennedy)

Time 17.05 Shows: 1-27th (no show on 13th) Venue 139: Assembly Rosy – Downstairs

Jessie Cave: Sunrise

Time 14.25 Shows: 1-26th (not 13th) Venue 12: The Stand Comedy Club – The Stand 4

John-Luke Roberts: All I Wanna Do is [FX: GUNSHOTS] With
a [FX: GUN RELOADING] and a [FX: CASH REGISTER] and Perform Some Comedy!

Time 17.30 Shows: 1-27th (not 15th) Venue 17: Assembly George Square Studios -Five

John-Luke Roberts: Terrible Wonderful Adaptations

Time 23.20 Shows: 10th, 17th, 24th Venue 23: Pleasance Dome – King Dome

Lucy Porter: Pass It On

Time 17.30 Shows: 1-26th (not 13th & 20th) Venue 33: Pleasance Courtyard –
Pleasance Forth

Mae Martin at Show And Tell At the Queen’s Hall (compilation night)

Time 21.00 Date: 20th August (2 hours 30 mins)  Venue 72: The
Queen’s Hall

Misha Glenny: McMafia

Time 15.30 Shows: 20-26th Venue 322: Assembly Checkpoint

Mr Thing (Dan Clarkson)

Time 23.40 Shows: 1-26th (not 14th or 23rd) Venue 33: Pleasance Courtyard: Forth

Nina's Got News (Jessica Clark) 

Time 14.50 Shows 1st-26th Venue 23: Pleasance Dome- QueenDome 

Power Play: Funeral Flowers (Emma Dennis-Edwards)

Time 14.30 Shows: 4-6th, 8-13th, 15-20th, 22-25th (incl) (No shows on 1-3rd, 7th, 14th, 21st, or 26-28th)  Venue 330: Pleasance Pop-up – Power Play HQ

Prom Kween (Rebecca Humphries)

Time 21.05 Shows: 4 –12th and 14 – 26th August (incl) (no shows 13th, 27th or 28th) Venue 3: Assembly George Square Gardens – Piccolo

Richard Soames: Let’s Make a Movie

Time 15.55 Shows: 1-27th (not 13th) Venue 302: Underbelly Bristo Square – Buttercup

Roman Candle (written by Tom Fowler)

Time 16.00 Shows: 20th-25th Venue 236: Greenside @ Infirmary Street- Ivy Studio

Six (written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss)

15.30 & 19.30 Shows: 1-27th (not 13th) Venue 300: Underbelly George Square – Udderbelly

Sparks (written by and starring Jessica Butcher, directed
by Jessica Edwards and music by Anoushka Lucas)

Time 11.30 Shows: 1-7th, 9-12th, 14-19th, 21-26th  Venue 33: Pleasance Courtyard – Beneath

Tessa Coates: Witch Hunt

Time 15.30 Shows: 4 –26th August (incl) (no shows on 27th or 28thVenue 33: Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance This

The Approach (written by Mark O’Rowe)

Time 13.25 Shows: 2-7th, 9-14th, 16-21st, 23-26th Venue 35: Assembly Hall – Rainy Hall

The Story Beast: This is Bardcore (John Henry Falle)

Time 22.40 Shows: 2-26th (not 13th) Venue 61: Underbelly Cowgate – Delhi Belly

The Story Beast: Myths Monsters & Mayhem (John Henry

Time 15.50 Shows: 1-26th (not 13th) Venue 33: Pleasance Courtyard – The Green

Thor and Loki The Musical (Boadicea Ricketts) 

Time 19.15 Shows: 1st-26th  Venue 139: Assembly Roxy- Upstairs 

Tom Walker: Honk Honk Honk Honk Honk

Time 19.45 Shows: 1-26th (no show on 14th) Venue 302: Underbelly, Bristo Square - Jersey

Vulva La Revolution (Phoebe Frances Brown
– Major Labia)

Time: 22:50 Venue: Revolution on Chambers Street

Wip It! (Jen Wakefield)

Time 19.00 Shows: 4-25th Venue 148: PBH Southsider

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