Theatre, Film and TV  |  Jul 27, 2021

Fitter/Hotter comes to Soho Theatre

Ell and Mary are back with their critically acclaimed shows - Fitter and Hotter, coming to Soho Theatre 26th July - 6th August, with direction by Jessica Edwards.

Ell & Mary interviewed women and trans people ranging from 11 years old to 97 about "What makes them hot?". This time they’ve interviewed trans-men, cis-men, and masculine presenting people aged 8 to 82 about what makes them hard. The result is a verbatim dance party made out of their answers.

Praise for HOTTER:

"To have a whole audience crying and dancing in the space of five minutes with nothing more than a soundtrack and a beautifully crafted story is what the fringe is all about" Ed Fest Magazine ★★★★★

“A scorchingly enjoyable comedy knockabout” Evening Standard ★★★★

“Cuts to the heart of the female experience” The Stage ★★★★

“The thread that brings it all together – the ecstatic and erotic with the heart-felt and heart-breaking – is the sense that a community has been called upon to create it.” The Spy in the stalls ★★★★★