Comedy  |  Sep 29, 2021

Hitmen Reloaded returns to Sky for series 2

SUE PERKINS stars in the second series of action-comedy HITMEN: RELOADED, alongside Mel Giedroyc as misfits Jamie and Fran.

After an action-packed first series, Jamie and Fran are back with a new van, new assignments, and a mysterious new client Mr V who seems to be providing them with an abundance of jobs. Meanwhile, after a school reunion, our heroes reconnect with an old classmate, Kat, and as the series progresses a new friendship between Kat and Jamie makes Fran increasingly jealous and suspicious. It’s bad enough worrying that someone is stealing your friend without also having to kill people for a living.

All episodes of Hitmen: Reloaded will be available from 29 September on Sky Comedy and streaming service NOW.