Books  |  Oct 14, 2021

John le Carré’s Silverview publishes globally

Silverview, the last completed work by John le Carré, published on October 14th 2021.

is the story of an encounter between innocence and experience and between public duty and private morals. In his inimitable voice, John le Carré seeks to answer the question of what we truly owe to the people we love. 

Julian Lawndsley has renounced his high-flying job in the City for a simpler life running a bookshop in a small English seaside town. But only a couple of months into his new career, Julian's evening is disrupted by a visitor. Edward, a Polish émigré living in Silverview, the big house on the edge of town, seems to know a lot about Julian's family and is rather too interested in the inner workings of his modest new enterprise. When a letter turns up at the door of a spy chief in London warning him of a dangerous leak, the investigations lead him to this quiet town by the sea.

Nick Cornwell, John le Carré’s youngest son and a novelist who writes under the pen name of Nick Harkaway, said: ‘This is the authentic le Carré, telling one more story. The book is fraught, forensic, lyrical, and fierce, at long last searching the soul of the modern Secret Intelligence Service itself. It’s a superb and fitting final novel.’

Jonny Geller, John le Carré’s literary agent, said: ‘Silverview is as urgent and alive as any of his past work.’

Silverview has garnered reviews from publications such as The Sunday Times, The New York Times and The Guardian describing it as 'smart, candid, stylish, relevant', ‘exquisitely calibrated’, and ‘a fitting coda to the work of our greatest spy novelist.’ The Washington Post commended Silverview saying: 'A posthumously discovered work is one of the art world’s great intrigues, for it raises so many titillating questions, speculations, suspicions, hopes. Might this be the true expression of the creator’s soul? Might it be terrible? Thankfully, what le Carré has left us, is a thoroughly enjoyable book, more accessible and less complex than his greatest works… In an era when the failures and misdeeds of intelligence services around the world can shock and alarm, reading Philip’s remarks feels like a clarion call that slices straight to the bone, and hurts. John le Carré did not just leave the world an engaging novel, he also left us with a warning.”

John le Carré was born in 1931 and died on 12th December 2020. He was the author of twenty-six novels and one work of non-fiction. Silverview is the only complete, full length, novel left unpublished at the time of his death.