Heritage  |  May 27, 2021

John Prebble's classic account of the Tay Bridge disaster republished by W&N

First published in 1956, John Prebble's unsurpassed account of the tragic Tay Bridge disaster, THE HIGH GIRDERS, has been reissued by W&N.

On December 28th 1879, the night of the Great Storm, the Tay Bridge collapsed, along with the train that was crossing, and everyone on board...

This is the true story of that disastrous night, told from multiple viewpoints:

The station master waiting for the train to arrive - who sees the approaching lights simply vanish.
The bored young boys watching from their bedroom window who witness the disaster.
The dreamer who designed the bridge which eventually destroyed him.
The old highlanders who professed the bridge doomed from the outset.
The young woman on the ill-fated train, carrying a love letter from the man she hoped to marry...

THE HIGH GIRDERS is a vivid, dramatic reconstruction of the ill-omened man-made catastrophe of the Tay Bridge disaster - and its grim aftermath.

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