Heritage  |  Mar 23, 2021

Margaret Kennedy's lost WW2 memoir published in the UK for the first time

Where Stands A Wingèd Sentry, Margaret Kennedy's remarkable memoir of life in Cornwall during the Second World, has been published in the UK for the first time by Handheld Press.

"Most people knew in their hearts that the lid had been taken off hell, and that what had been done in Guernica would one day be done in London, Paris and Berlin."

Margaret Kennedy’s prophetic words, written about the pre-war mood in Europe, give the tone of this riveting 1941 wartime memoir: it is Mrs Miniver with the gloves off. Her story, taken from her war diaries, conveys the tension, frustration and bewilderment of the progression of the war, and the terror of knowing that the worst is to come, but not yet knowing what the worst will be.

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