Books  |  Oct 1, 2012

The Abominables shortlisted for Guardian Children's Prize

Eva Ibbotson’s The Abominables has been shortlisted for the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize.

The Guardian Children’s Fiction prize will be judged by Tony Bradman, Cressida Cowell and Kevin Crossley-Holland, and announced in November this year. It is the only children’s book award to be judged by children’s authors and has been running since 1967. This is the third time Eva Ibbotson has been on the list for the award.

Told with Ibbotson’s signature warmth and eccentricity, The Abominables was written by the much-loved author before her death and edited posthumously by Ibbotson’s son in conjunction with her long term editor, Marion Lloyd. It was published in July this year in hardback.

When Lady Agatha Farlingham disappears from her father’s expedition to the Himalayas it is not hard to guess that she has been snatched by a yeti. And so it proves. But, despite their enormous size, shaggy fur, strangely shaped feet and ability to scare the daylights out of humans, yetis, far from being frightening, turn out to be gentle, well-mannered and full of the highest ideals. And Lady Agatha has a plan for them: to keep them safe she determines to transport them to her idyllic childhood home in England in a frozen-food lorry.

The winner of the prize will be announced on the 24th October 2012.