Heritage  |  Jun 13, 2019

Victor Canning's MR FINCHLEY novels reissued by Prelude

Farrago Books, an imprint of Prelude, have reissued all three books in Victor Canning's Mr Finchley series with charming new covers.

Mr Finchley Discovers His England, Mr Finchley Goes to Paris and Mr Finchley Takes the Road follow Mr Edgar Finchley, a quintessentially English clerk who gets into all manner of scrapes on his adventures. This gentle comedy trilogy was a runaway bestseller on first publication in the 1930s and retains a timeless appeal today.

Praise for the

Mr Finchley 


Quite delightful, with an atmosphere of quiet contentment and humour that cannot fail to charm … The longer we travel with Mr Finchley, the better we come to love him. He makes us share his bread and cheese, and beer and pipe. His delight at the beauties of the countryside and his mild astonishment at the strange ways of men are infectious.’ Daily Telegraph

‘His gift of story-telling is obviously innate. Rarely does one come on so satisfying an amalgam of plot, characterisation and good writing.’ Punch

A paean to the beauties of the English countryside and the lovable oddities of the English character… [Mr Finchley] runs into one astonishing situation after another, sticking gamely to his resolve that he must take things as they come and accept them.’ New York Times

‘What counts for most in the story, as it did for Mr Finchley, is his mounting pleasure in vagabondage and the English scene.’ The Times

‘There is such a gentle humour in the book … Mr Finchley is the ideal Englishman.’ Daily Sketch