Fan Mail

Fan Mail, Autograph and Charity Requests

Please send your request via post (enclosing a SAE) marked ‘FAN MAIL’ to the address on the right. 

Please note that all mail to clients addressed in this way is forwarded on to the client. Curtis Brown does not handle this mail ourselves and we cannot guarantee a reply or follow up on your behalf.


  • Include the correct amount of postage with your SAE if you are requesting an autograph or signed photo.


  • Send money, valuables, personal or large items. We can't accept responsibility for items damaged or lost in the post.
  •  Email your fan mail or autograph requests. Unfortunately we cannot forward emailed items. Please send by post as detailed.
  • Expect to be able to track your letter after sending – we receive literally thousands of letters each week and although all are forwarded on to clients, we do not keep a record here.

Please note we cannot forward email requests or personal correspondence to clients.


  • Name of Client
    c/o Curtis Brown Group Ltd
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    United Kingdom